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The terms “protest politics” and “protest movement” are used to describe movements which do not use protest in this way, but rather hope to achieve their ends by bigger and bigger protest, without resort to an actual challenge for power or by undermining or damaging the economic and social interests of the ruling group.

Education for critical thought produces higher order learning by helping students actively think their way to conclusions; discuss their thinking with other students and the teacher; entertain a variety of points of view; analyze concepts, theories, and explanations in their own terms; actively question the meaning and implications of what they learn; compare what they learn to what they have experienced; take what they read and write seriously; solve non-routine problems; examine assumptions; and gather and assess evidence.

Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms


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They do not strive to translate technical terms into analogies and ordinary words they understand or distinguish technical from ordinary uses of terms.

At a certain stage of development, the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production or -- this merely expresses the same thing in legal terms -- with the property relations within the framework of which they have operated hitherto.... Then begins an epoch of social revolution."

Glossary for Oil Painting terms – The essential guide …

The terms productive and unproductive labour in Marxist literature, as generally in bourgeois economic literature, are distinct from the concept of labour which is useful or not. Useful labour is purposive activity which meets a human need, whether of oneself or of someone else; productive labour, on the other hand, is labour which is productive in the economic sense, labour which creates new value.

Glossary of Oil painting terms, oil painting techniques, and more importantly pronunciation!

Trimester: In which the school divides the academic year into three terms (semesters) of equal length, versus the normal two terms.

Tuition: The fee a student pays to their educational institution in return for instruction.

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Art Glossary: Meaning of Terms Used in Visual Arts

Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms

In programming terms, stored balances are banned. The balances that are displayed by the software client are calculated on the fly, including every time the client redraws. Getting this right has proven to be a sizeable cost in development time, but it is believed that the requirements are valid and the costs are covered in the long run.

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Accordingly, in Augustine's view, any hypothetically perfect things (like God or heaven in Christian theology) by definition do not and cannot change, and therefore these perfect things must not experience time as imperfect humanity does. They are sub specie aeternitatis, outside of time completely and viewing all things in the bubble at time simultaneously. Accordingly, states of time (past, present, and future) are merely illusions we experience. The past only appears to be over and the future only appears not to have happened yet because our mortal perception is limited to the present moment rather than experiencing all reality at once. In Saint Augustine's thinking, perfect and spiritual beings outside of time experience or observe past, present, and future simultaneously. For Saint Augustine, this idea of time allows God to have knowledge of future events and choices humans make while preserving human free will, suggesting God can know what choices we will make tomorrow (because we actually have already made the choices), without God necessarily causing those choices to happen through his own influence--foreknowledge without causation. In terms of God's perceptions, all those future choices already happened and are done with--humans just don't know it yet.

Glossary Of Essay Writing Terms For Students

Having abstracted the contents from the identity of the document by taking a message digest of it, we can discuss value, from payment systems perspective, as being fully and uniquely defined by the message digest. This ensures that the Issuer of the security cannot change the terms of the contract in any way without offering to the user terms for exchange.

Glossary of Writing Terms and Definitions

The central thesis of Pragmatism, which makes the sole crierion of Theory, is indeed very close to Marxism. Compare for example James’ with Marx’s . To answer the question of what you mean by an idea or what it means to say that a thing exists, requires an answer to be given in terms of the practical actions and perceptions which are required to verify it. Pragmatism rejects the idea of the existence of entities other than can be demonstrated practically. All are therefore reducible to practical meanings. In this sense, pragmatism is also verified by Einstein’s , which demonstrated that notions of spatial extension and elapsed time could only be given consistent meaning in terms of the practical steps necessary to measure them. On this see ’s , where he takes up Percy Bridgman’s . Operationalism takes Pragmatism to an extreme in demanding that every concept be given an operational definition, whereas in Pragmatism generally, it would be accepted that provided the theory of which a concept is a part can be tested, then the concept is legitimate.

Thesis Sample Introduction: Sample Definition of Terms

In general, these a priori arguments rely upon deductive reasoning--fashioning a general statement that should (in terms of logic) be true, and then applying the argument to a specific instance--i.e., the universal statement comes first, and then specific applications in the real world are expected to match it.

Writing Definition of Terms – Thesis Notes

In Ancient Greek poetry and Latin poetry, lines followed certain metrical patterns, based on arrangements of heavy and light syllables. A heavy syllable was referred to as a longum and a light as a brevis (and in the modern day, reflecting the ancient terms, a longum is often called a "long syllable" and a brevis a "short syllable," potentially creating confusion between syllable length and vowel length).A syllable was considered heavy if it contained a long vowel or a diphthong (and was therefore "long by nature" — it would be long no matter what) or if it contained a short vowel that was followed by more than one consonant ("long by position," long by virtue of its relationship to the consonants following).An example: Arma virumque cano: “I sing of arms and of the man” (Virgil, The Aeneid).

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