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Fluoride Action Network | 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

(1985) in a further study of a subgroup of 51 patients, who died from cancer, among the same study population as above, each matched to a control for age, sex, and smoking, obtained a mean pre-follow-up serum-selenium concentration in subjects who died from cancer during the study period of 53.7 ± 1.8 µg/litre and that in controls of 60.9 ± 1.8 µg/litre; the difference was statistically significant.

Medina & Shepherd (1980) fed BALB/cfC3H mice Wayne Lab Blox and gave them selenium dioxide at 0, 2, or 6 mg selenium/litre drinking-water, ad libitum, starting at 10 weeks of age and continuing to the end of the study.

Fluoridation is a bad medical practice

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1) Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment

The average selenium content of 11 samples of drinking-water taken from a high-selenium area in China with a history of disease reported as chronic selenosis was 54 µg/litre (Yang et al., 1983).

The average water-soluble selenium content and the percentage of water-soluble selenium in the total soil-selenium of the endemic areas (4.0 µg/kg, range 2.2 - 8.7 µg/kg and 39 g/kg, respectively) were also significantly lower than those of the non-endemic areas (19.9 µg/kg, range 11.4 - 38.8 µg/kg and 9.2 g/kg, respectively).

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(1985) reported that the average total selenium content (112 µg/kg, range 59 - 190 µg/kg) in the soil of 6 low-selenium Keshan disease areas in China was significantly lower than that of the 5 corresponding non-endemic areas (234 µg/kg, range 142 - 318 µg/kg).

For all Christians, Jesus being Messiah, is the central key issue for the faith

The second part of this thesis describes the effect of cholesterol lowering agents on different cholesterol particles and associated proteins. Cholesterol lowering agents seem to affect the number of particles less than their cholesterol content. This could lead to a lack of intensive cholesterol treatment when only the cholesterol concentration is considered.

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British and Irish Political Geography

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Background: Early diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure (BP) and cholesterol is important to reduce cardiovascular risk. We compared BP and LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) as well as the quality of treatment between obese subjects and normal weight and overweight individuals.
Methods: 87,648 participants of the Lifelines study were categorised according to obesity (normal weight/ overweight/obesity) and age. Mean systolic BP and LDL-C were calculated depending on treatment, BMI, age and sex.
Results: In all age groups, except those aged 70-80 years, women had a significantly lower BP than men. Use of BP-lowering medication did not result in BP levels comparable with non-users, except in those aged 70-80 years. Despite medication, the BP was insufficiently controlled in 20-50% of participants. BP was significantly higher in obese vs. normal weight and overweight individuals of all ages, but most apparently in men younger than 50 years. Mean LDL-C varied between 2.5- .0 mmol/l. Despite higher statin use, obese participants had a higher LDL-C than those with a normal weight. Statins abolished the age-dependent LDL-C increase. Many participants did not achieve target LDL-C
Conclusion: Obese individuals, especially men younger than 50, have a higher BP and LDL-C compared with those with overweight and a normal weight. Use of BP-lowering drugs did not revert the BP back to levels normal for the specific age and BMI group, whereas statins abolished the age-related increase in LDL-C. These data suggest that more attention is needed for active screening and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors.

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In ten large population studies from seven different European countries the occurrence of the metabolic syndrome and metabolically healthy obesity has been estimated. The metabolic syndrome is common in Europe and the Netherlands. However, in the Dutch LifeLines study still nearly 1 out of 4 obese women and 1 out of 10 obese men are metabolically healthy (depending on their age). From studies with LifeLines data only, it seems that smoking-, drinking-, eating- and exercise behaviours of these people is important. The level of tobacco use and drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day was already related to the development of the metabolic syndrome. However, a ‘healthy’ dietary pattern and intensive vigorous physical activity increased in obese people the chance of metabolically healthy obesity. Actively changing lifestyle factors will reduce the number of people developing the metabolic syndrome, and consequently will reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, even before these more serious chronic conditions occur, obese subjects (without metabolic complications) had an impaired quality of life. Therefore, in the treatment of obesity it is advisable to take into account aspects relating to the quality of life.

Dosage and Method: Cayenne | The Epicurean Digest

EstroBlock is excellent for anyone on the pill and coming off the pill, so I definitely recommend it. For what to do about lowering testosterone, look at the page “Balance Your Hormones” and scroll to the section on lowering androgens.

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Hi Erika,
I sympathise with your worries. I too have been on the pill since the age of 16 with a years break from 22-23. During that year my skin went absolutely crazy. Breakouts worse than before I started taking the pill so I gave up and went back on it (0 self confidence!) since then I have gotten into a serious relationship (I’m 25 now) and we would like to have a baby in the next year or two so I now need to get off it again. I decided to try weaning this time due to the nightmare I experienced the first time round. I am doing 3 months 3/4 pill, 3 months 1/2, 3 months 1/4. This, to me makes sense. I am lowering the dose slowly rather than shocking my body and stopping it overnight. I am just about to finish the last month of taking 3/4. So far, my skin has become a little spottier which I have to expect.
I say so whatever you feel is best for your body but if you are worried about acne why not try weaning? many many women have had success doing it (fingers crossed it goes well for me too!)
Good for you getting off these synthetic hormones. Natural is definitely best. Good luck on your journey xx

What Is Bulletproof Coffee and The Official Way To …

I have been vegetarian since the age of 6. when i turned 16 I went on the contraceptive pill. i had no side effects and it helped with cramps and my period became lighter. When i turned 18 i moved to the UK (from australia) to travel. i stocked up on my pill and 9 months in I began to run out of the pill. I became vegan 4 months ago (and stopped drinking alcohol/coffee) which was around the same time that my pill was running low, so i decided to stop taking it, because i know its not good for my body and i don’t want to put unnatural things into my body. almost immediately my acne became worse and worse…. so after just 3 weeks of going off the pill i went on a new one (Cilest) and have been on it for 2 months now.
My acne has gotten worse still. I really don’t want to be on the pill but i am too scared to come off. I find myself becoming isolated, locking myself into my room and becoming a loner. I was always that fun, outgoing, confident girl. and this has changed me. I am away from my family, who are in australia, and I’m so alone. will my acne get better if i stay on Cilest? I will come off one day with the advice that i have gotten in this post, but i can’t do that now. I drink dandelion tea, chamomile tea and green tea. I am doing all that i can.
i am travelling and my life is unstable, i can’t cope with having acne as an issue.
Thank you in advance.

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