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Investment Thesis | ARK Realty Capital

I didn’t have any money when I started and if you are just starting out you probably don’t either. However, I knew that real estate investing was going to be the tool I would use to retire by thirty years old. While most real estate investments require a 20% down payment – you can purchase your own personal residence for just 3.5% down with a FHA loan through most lenders. That means, if you buy a home for $100,000 you only need to pay $3,500.00 to do so (plus closing costs, which you can usually get the seller to pay for).

Furthermore, lender’s are much more friendly to “personal home buyers” than investors and offer lower rates and easier qualifying standards. This means it is easier to finance a property if it is your own home. Clearly, purchasing a duplex, triplex, or four-plex combines the lending benefits of a personal home with the investment power of income-producing property. This. Is. Awesome.

What's your thesis on why you're buying an investment property

5 important research topics for property investment success

Buying a small multifamily property not only makes financial sense, but is also the safest path you can take to make big money in real estate.

Premier Investment Management: The ARK Team has over 50 years of commercial real estate investment experience, including financing, investing, and underwriting over $5 billion in transaction volume. Senior team members have a long history of working together, and have demonstrated the necessary technical skills and experience required to achieve superior returns. ..

Proper historical context is helpful to fully explain the opportunity. After the bursting of the credit bubble in late 2008, commercial real estate transaction volume cratered by more than 70%. This caused havoc amongst less diversified regional brokerages and even caused formerly prominent firms like Grubb & Ellis to declare bankruptcy. Owing to its aversion to principal risk and affinity for recurring property management contracts, JLL benefited from a speedy recovery and has since positioned itself as a market consolidator. JLL generally pays just 7 to 8x EBITDA for bolt-on deals, thereby earning double-digit returns on M&A. Regional brokerages are attracted to JLL’s platform thanks to cross-selling opportunities, such as property management and valuation work. The ability to continually reinvest cash flows into a steady stream of bolt-on deals and international expansion allows JLL to compound value much more effectively than a business focused on deploying capital through share buybacks or dividends.

Your First Investment Property Should Be…

Market Focus: ARK provides viable financing solutions to owner-developers who face difficulties in refinancing their properties, and in acquiring new real estate assets. ARK takes a non-traditional “Out-of-the-Box” approach to re-structuring, re-capitalizing and creatively addressing the challenges faced by many in the industry.

You can also start by wholesaling – where you find the deals and sell them to other investors. You can do that without spending any money.

Proposition 13 May Play a Part in Explaining This Pattern. It is possible that Proposition 13 contributes to this pattern of development. Land owners typically seek to time the development of their land to maximize their financial gains. In many cases, greater gains can be achieved by delaying development until real estate markets are strong or holding out for the optimal development opportunity. Land owners also incur costs, including property taxes, to hold on to land for future development. If these costs exceed the potential gains of delaying development, then land owners may decide to develop sooner. On the other hand, if these costs are lower, land owners may be more inclined to hold off on development. In particular, land owners whose property tax costs are low because they have owned their property for many years may be more likely to delay development in hopes of greater future profits.

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Exploring Real Estate Investments: Types Of Real Estate

Scrutiny of Property as an Investment Class - Essay …

Analysis of city development patterns is complicated by the fact that many factors beyond fiscal incentives can influence city land use decisions, such as each city’s size, type (urban, suburban, or rural), age, and real estate prices. To attempt to isolate the effect of fiscal incentives from these other factors, we identified 73 pairs of cities with similar populations, home prices, and dates of incorporation, but that differed in their property tax shares and reliance on sales taxes. We then compared each city’s land use decisions over the last decade to its comparison city. The results are summarized in Figure 19. As the figure shows, cities that were more reliant on sales taxes were slightly more likely to rezone more land for retail uses than their comparison city. Despite this, cities more reliant on sales taxes did not consistently permit more retail development. Fiscal incentives appear to have even less effect on housing decisions. Cities with higher property tax shares did not consistently rezone more land for housing. Further, in almost of pairs, the city with the lower property tax share permitted more housing construction than their comparison city.

Scrutiny of Property as an Investment Class - Essay Example

I believe these property types are the best investment for most beginners. Why would I make such a bold statement as this? Because there are so many benefits to owning small multifamily properties that I could write for a week about them. However, I’m going to sum up those benefits below to give you a good idea of why I’m such a fan of these property types and how you can add significant wealth to your life by investing in them.

Extract of sample Scrutiny of Property as an Investment Class

Fiscal Incentives Do Not Appear to Have Major Influence on Land Use Decisions. Given these fiscal incentives, cities and counties that receive lower shares of property taxes or that derive more of their revenues from sales taxes would be expected to prioritize developments that generate sales and hotel taxes, rather than home building. To gauge whether or not this occurs in practice, we looked at two measures of city development patterns over the last decade: rezoning decisions (changes in the allowable use of land) and building permits. We found little evidence that cities with lower property tax shares set aside less land for housing or built less housing. Similarly, our analysis suggests that cities that are more reliant on sales taxes are, at most, modestly more likely to prefer retail over other types of development.

Real Estate Investment Trust and Ratio Analysis - …

However, as Rich Dad Poor Dad points out – your home is a miserable investment. It costs money every month to own, requires constant attention, and will probably never gain more value than the amount it costs you to hold each month. Think about it – if you are spending $1000 per month on a mortgage payment and another $100 on repairs – you are losing over $13,000 per year on that deal. Do you really think that home is gaining $13,000 per year in value, every year?

Real Estate Investment Trust and Ratio Analysis

Under Proposition 13, Commercial Development Often Yields Greater Fiscal Benefits. Proposition 13 altered the fiscal effects of development for local governments in two key ways. First, the property tax allocation system created to implement Proposition 13 provides many cities and counties only a small portion of local property tax revenues. Second, as discussed previously, since Proposition 13’s passage local governments have become increasingly reliant on other taxes, such as sales and hotel taxes. Because of these changes, many cities and counties find that developments that generate sales or hotel taxes in addition to property taxes yield the highest net fiscal benefits. In contrast, housing developments, which do not produce sales or hotel tax revenues directly, often lead to more local costs than offsetting tax revenues.

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