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Frida Kahlo and Gertrude Blom E ZM cz

The artery and holding of hands is the connection between the two characters of Frida. They signify that both characters belong to the same person, and though different, they reflect a sequence in the artiste’s life. The second Frida is confident and even looks content. It is evident that this is the Frida that the artist wanted to be, one who is not limited by the challenges that life has thrown her way. The portrait of Diego in her hand is held by a cord, symbolically depicting an umbilical cord. This shows that she not only saw Diego as her husband, but also as child for whom she had to take care. This Frida is the one that wants to move on from her past life of sorrow and redeem her. The wholeness of her heart signifies one that has healed and is devoid of the inflictions imposed on the first one. It also reflects a time when she still had Diego’s love, which is partly the reason behind her look of contentment.

Alternatively, a comparison between the two can also be drawn from the ideologies of the artiste. In the first image, Frida is in a dress worn in the west in the previous century (Lindauer et al. 144). Diego was open to western ideologies unlike Frida who loved her country and its ideals. She envisioned herself in the life of the peasants that dominated Mexico. At a time when Mexico had undergone a revolution and had evolved into a patriarchal society, Frida longed for a traditional life as a wife. Diego was eager to implement western societal norms and wanted to show his might by having children, which is one of his major justifications for infidelity. For her failure to conform, she was cast aside and her heart shattered by rejection from her husband; thus, contributing to her life’s sufferings. The surgical scissors would, therefore, be for cutting links with this Diego who shows no understanding to her situation.

Lindauer, Margaret A and Frida Kahlo. . Middletown, Conn: Wesleyan University Press, 2003. Print.

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Frida kahlo statement thesis – …

The Two Fridas is a painting by Mexican renowned artist Frida Kahlo from 1939. Frida is the artist who was known and acknowledged for her creativity, which was heavily inspired by acclaimed artist Diego Rivera. She has been quoted saying that her work is drawn from personal truth and not painting visions (Burrus 88). This implies that she used her paintings as a means of personal reflection. Having endured many traumatizing events in her life, she resorted to painting to escape from boredom. Her initial interest was in medicine. However, a life changing accident, which left her confined to her bed for a year, made her give up this dream and she started painting instead.

Various significant comparisons can be drawn from the painting, though, mostly differences. The only similarity between the two Fridas in the painting is that they are both the true Frida Kahlo, with different characters. The first Frida depicts the artist’s suffering. The broken heart is an indication of her failed relationship with her husband whom she loved deeply. The white dress is long and traditional, used to hide her physical insecurities. The surgical scissors prevent blood from dripping out of the artery, which indicates that she is still holding on to her passions such as her career and her family. Additionally, it may also reflect her desire to have a child, a vision shattered by the accident. The stains of blood in her white dress convey the physical aspects of the pain she has endured throughout her life. This Frida is vulnerable, constrained by the reality of her life, which is dominated by painful experiences. She is not confident as she is confined in a life controlled by cultural and societal norms.

Thesis Statement On Frida Kahlo

Topic: frida kahlo Analyze the concept of self as it is told by art, cinema and biographical storytelling with respect to our course theme and perspectives. Synthesize several approaches to interpreting art and biography and its representation of self, identity, and diversity in society. Practice college-level writing skills to create a well-developed and error-free document. BASIC TASK: Analyze the Kahlo book and movie (as well as Kahlo?s own artwork featured) with respect to various diversity issues, synthesizing the societal, scientific, and artistic approaches to studying the self and/or identity. Frida Kahlo?s art is symbolic of her self and identity. There are several examples in the book that connect biographical data (her life story) to Kahlo?s artistic creations. You can read about something going on in Frida?s life and literally flip to a page displaying her art symbolizing the moment or event that has happened. PART 1: Pick three of the following categories, after considering which relate most to the book, movie, and art and which you find to be especially significant or meaningful. These categories will form the basis of your analysis for this assignment. Sex/Gender Sexuality Body Image/Disability Region/location Ethnicity/nationalism Politics PART 2: For each of the categories you listed, use the category name as a heading, then relate knowledge of that category (based on the course readings; assignments; in-class presentations, discussions, and activities; or outside scholarly resources) to at least three of the paintings in the Kahlo book and movie (at least one painting for each category). Consider the societal, scientific, and artistic approaches for each category and apply concepts, vocabulary, and information introduced in the course, citing these sources according to MLA or APA guidelines. The response to each category should include 1-2 meaty paragraphs (about 400-750 words total). Writing counts. PART 3: We have all faced mental, emotional and/or physical challenges in our lives. Frida coped with her challenges through her art. How have you coped with such a challenge? Was it constructive or destructive? How has this challenge shaped who you are today? Explain in detail.

Fridas paintings are very important the feminist movement

Actors and activists from the Latino community were angered (and quoted in 1992) over " . . . New Line's casting of a non-Latina as Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in . . . " They said that " . . . was 'the last straw' and they put producers on notice to be more sensitive to discriminatory casting practices." Meanwhile, writer J. Hoberman was still wondering in his March 1993 article . . . if there's a future for Spanish-language independents".

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Frida Kahlo Or Frida Rivera? "Memory" And "The Two …

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