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Plato & Aristotle: ethics of virtues (e.g.

b. Next to the commandment of love—but very often in the context of the requirement of love—the New Testament writings present other value judgments and moral directives which relate to particular spheres of existence. The “accomplishment” of the law by love (Gal 5:14; cf. Rom 13:8f.) places itself on the level of intentionality But love does not deprive other virtues or ways of behaving of their own consistency. It expresses itself through different ways of acting and virtues not fully identified with itself. One sees, for example (1 Cor 13:4—7; Rom 12:9f.), the moral teachings of the pastoral letters and the Epistle of James, especially the lists of virtues and vices and the domestic depictions of the New Testament writings.

While normative ethics is a broad term that encompasses many schools of thought, it is generally thought to be broken down into three categories: the school of virtue ethics, deontology and teleology (or consequentialism)....

Virtue Ethics and Corporate Governance (Thesis, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)).

The ethics of a particular business can be diverse.

Since proof is difficult, we may even concede that the resultsof anxiety may sometimes, from certain points of view, bedesirable. The larger question we should ask is whether, as amatter of policy, we should ever encourage the use of a techniquethe tendency (if not the intention) of which is psychologicallypathogenic. We hear much talk these days of responsibleparenthood; the coupled words are incorporated into the titles ofsome organizations devoted to birth control. Some people haveproposed massive propaganda campaigns to instill responsibilityinto the nation's (or the world's) breeders. But what is themeaning of the word conscience? When we use the wordresponsibility in the absence of substantial sanctions are we nottrying to browbeat a free man in a commons into acting againsthis own interest? Responsibility is a verbal counterfeit for asubstantial quid pro quo. It is an attempt to get something fornothing.

This paper is going to analyze the theories of virtue ethicist, act utilitarianism, and Kant’s duty ethicists based on the given scenario for this case, and assume what a person representing these theories would recommend Alex as the right thing to do....

Business ethics involves the role of a company in our society.

In this paper will be discussed the ethical values of Shelina Virani, how her values align with the values of Kudler Fine Foods, and how these values would effect her performance as a manager at Kudler Fine Food....

For example, the shortage of ethics is evident when male workers refused to admit female colleagues as equivalent, resulting in his dismissal from the organization....

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These ethics come into all decisions made by businesses.

Foreword: This research paper discusses theories in business ethics.

Kant’s views in this regard have understandably been the subjectof much controversy. Many object that we do not think better ofactions done for the sake of duty than actions performed out ofemotional concern or sympathy for others, especially those things wedo for friends and family. Worse, moral worth appears to require notonly that one’s actions be motivated by duty, but also that noother motives, even love or friendship, cooperate. Yet Kant’sdefenders have argued that his point is not that we do not admire orpraise motivating concerns other than duty, only that from the pointof view of someone deliberating about what to do, these concerns arenot decisive in the way that considerations of moral duty are. What iscrucial in actions that express a good will is that in conforming toduty a perfectly virtuous person always would, and so ideally weshould, recognize and be moved by the thought that our conformity ismorally obligatory. The motivational structure of the agent should bearranged so that she always treats considerations of duty assufficient reasons for conforming to those requirements. In otherwords, we should have a firm commitment not to perform an action if itis morally forbidden and to perform an action if it is morallyrequired. Having a good will, in this sense, is compatible with havingfeelings and emotions of various kinds, and even with aiming tocultivate some of them in order to counteract desires and inclinationsthat tempt us to immorality. Controversy persists, however, aboutwhether Kant’s claims about the motive of duty go beyond thisbasic point (Timmermann 2007; Herman 1993; Wood 1998; Baron 1995).

The main philosopher of Virtue Ethics is Aristotle.

Implementing Values and Ethics in Globalized Business Today's business world is much different from the business world of the early years in our country as well as the world....

Thesis statement | PHIL115: Introduction to Ethics

3. Abstract formulas that state man’s inclination to the good as the result of natural law—for example, the statement that human fellowship is a “categorical imperative”—have been derived from this basic conscience and actually refer back to it.

Philosophy Virtue Ethics Discussion Board - Rush your …

Kant holds that the fundamental principle of our moral duties is acategorical imperative. It is an imperativebecause it is a command addressed to agents who could follow it butmight not (e.g. , “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”). Itis categorical in virtue of applying to us unconditionally,or simply because we possesses rational wills, without reference toany ends that we might or might not have. It does not, in other words,apply to us on the condition that we have antecedently adopted somegoal for ourselves.

Thesis Statement Examples For Aristotle - GIFTECH …

Virtue Ethics successfully responds to this objection and more satisfactorily supports reporting the crime, but Deontological Ethics fails to overcome it.

present [example of a good thesis statement—“I will ..

One notable recurrent feature found in the interviews of women who have had abortions is the acknowledgement by the women of their belief that they are taking a human life when they have an abortion. Certainly, some claim that they are not taking a life; for instance, a young woman named Chris felt this way: "...I was talking to the pastor who helped me to get here and he asked me what my conception of life was. And I said, well, I suppose you know just right off the bat the baby is born, you pat it on the back, and it starts breathing. That's life to me. But before then it's nothing. Kind of like a growth." But many others think differently. Consider these statements taken from different sources; seventeen year old Dawn, who decided to have an abortion because she was not emotionally ready to have a baby, admitted, "Well, it's [abortion] killing all the way through, but--um--I'm all mixed up about this. I think it's just killing all the way through." Maria speaks of her second abortion, "This time I hoped the baby was a boy and that I could keep it. My husband and I discussed it and discussed it. We had to convince ourselves to have the abortion. It makes it much harder when you already have a child. You realize it's a wonderful thing to go through a pregnancy and then have a baby dependent on you. This time I couldn't help thinking it was a human being, living being." Sandra asserts "I have always thought abortion was a fancy word for murder." Sandra commented on her abortion: "I am saying that abortion is morally wrong, but the situation is right, and I am going to do it." One interviewer, Zimmerman, found that most women who had abortions, prior to their abortion did not approve of abortion except for specific situations -- which did not include the situation in which they found themselves; on the basis of her research she observed, "In summary, the prior abortion attitudes of the women studied here indicate that abortion is considered acceptable only under specific circumstances. The majority of the women would be likely to disapprove an abortion unless the woman had been raped, or unless she had health problems relating to her pregnancy, or unless she were financially unable to take care of a baby. Interestingly, their own abortions did not always fall within these circumstances... Many of the women claimed that they had approved of abortion but then later qualified that statement by saying, 'But I never thought I would have one myself' or 'It's the lesser of two evils.' None of the women stated their approval without some qualifying remark. The fact that most of these women did not appear to enter into their abortion experience with complete and unqualified approval of abortion is certainly noteworthy." Zimmerman maintained that the women themselves evaluated their own choice as a form of deviance. Their feeling that they were "treading on thin moral ice" led women to be secretive about their abortions so they would not risk being morally challenged about their abortions.

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