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Frank and Thomas (1996) have reassigned Charoxus to the tribe ..

Frank, J. H. and M. C. Thomas. 1996. A new species of Charoxus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from native figs (Ficus spp.) in Florida. Jour. New York Entomol. Soc. 104(1-2): 70-78.

Berit Olam:
Exodus: Frank H. Polak (July 2007) [conflicting report: David W Cotter (July 2006)]
II Samuel, Craig Morrison (May 2007) [conflicting report: Stephen Pisano]
Chronicles, John W. Wright
Job, Edward Greenstein
Proverbs, Thomas McCreesh
Ecclesiastes, Stephen Garfinkel
Isaiah 1-39, Carol Dempsey (2008)
Isaiah 40-55, Chris Franke
Isaiah 56-66, Gregory J. Polan
Jeremiah, Lamentations: Pauline A. Viviano (Dec 2006)
Ezekiel, Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Daniel, Lawrence E. Boadt

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Liberals are finally listening to Thomas Frank about what’s wrong with the Democratic Party Politics Chicago Reader

The next day, Mr. Lincoln wrote Postmaster General Montgomery Blair with some advice for his brother Frank: “Some days ago I understood you to say that your brother, Gen. Frank Blair, desires to be guided by my wishes as to whether he will occupy his seat in congress or remain in the field. My wish, then, is compounded of what I believe will be best for the country, and best for him. And it is, that he will come here, put his military commission in my hands, take his seat, go into caucus with our friends, abide the nominations, help elect the nominees, and thus aid to organize a House of Representatives which will really support the government in the war. If the result shall be the election of himself as Speaker, let him serve in that position; if not, let him re-take his commission, and return to the Army. For the country this will heal a dangerous schism; for him, it will relieve from a dangerous position. By a misunderstanding, as I think, he is in danger of being permanently separated from those with whom only he can ever have a real sympathy – the sincere opponents of slavery. It will be a mistake if he shall allow the provocations offered him by insincere time-servers, to drive him out of the house of his own building. He is young yet. He has abundant talent – quite enough to occupy all his time, without devoting any to temper. He is rising in military skill and usefulness. His recent appointment to the command of a corps, by one so competent to judge as Gen. [William T.] Sherman, proves this. In that line he can serve both the country and himself more profitably than he could as a member of congress on the floor. The foregoing is what I would say, if Frank Blair were my brother instead of yours.”105

Those spiritually gifted to preach who are better-trained than any of their predecessors should be the guardians of how best to communicate a culturally relevant message to an increasingly illiterate constituency. It’s been my job to suggest the best references. It’s the church’s job to place men in the pulpit who will benefit from them.

Innocence Cases | Death Penalty Information Center

At the behest of Attorney General Bates, President Lincoln asked Governor Gamble to come to Washington in early to discuss their differences. The meeting was brief and unsatisfactory for the governor who hoped for a long and frank discussion. Bates biographer Marvin Cain wrote that Bates “realized he ran a risk in arranging for a personal confrontation of the president and his brother-in-law, but he was determined to have Gamble present his views to the president. During the ensuing discussion both he and Gamble tried to convince Lincoln that civil control in Missouri must not be sacrificed in the name of military necessity. The Governor of Missouri asked the President for a gradual withdrawal of Federal troops from his state, leaving the maintenance of internal order to his government and the local militia. Bates supported this plan as much as he possibly could, though he realized the presence of Confederate forces in Missouri made it difficult to consider ordering Union troops from the state in the hope that the militia could handle the situation.”60 Gamble wrote Attorney General Bates that he now thought President Lincoln “a mere intriguing, pettifogging, piddling politician.”61

13.11.2017 · Thomas Frank wonders what’s so vibrant about cultural vibrancy, and posits that “vibrant” is the creative class’ code for urban gentrification.

There was a lot of turnover in the Missouri’s representation in the U.S. Senate as well. Democrat Waldo Johnson was expelled from the Senate in 1862 for disloyalty and replaced by Unionist Robert Wilson. In 1863, Wilson was replaced by Unconditional Unionist Benjamin Gratz Brown, a radical with a talent for quarreling with military and civilian officials. In 1862 John B. Henderson replaced Trusten Polk in the Senate after Polk vacated his post to become a Confederate Army officer. Henderson was a substantial slaveowner who turned leading emancipationist. He became a strong ally of President Lincoln and he authored the 13th Amendment and 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Henderson was a strong advocate of universal Negro suffrage.

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Thomas Gladish New Mexico Conviction: 1974, Charges Dismissed: 1976

Richard Greer New Mexico Conviction: 1974, Charges Dismissed: 1976

Jonah, John Walton (vol.8)
Micah, Thomas E. McComiskey and Tremper Longman III (vol.8)
Nahum, Carl E. Armerding (vol.8)
Habakkuk, Carl E. Armerding (vol.8)
Zephaniah, Larry Walker (vol.8)
Haggai, Eugene Merrill (vol.8)
Zechariah, Kenneth L. Barker (vol.8)
Malachi, Eugene Merrill (vol.8)
Matthew, D.A. Carson (vol.9, Nov 2010)
Mark, Walter W. Wessell and Mark L. Strauss (vol.9, Nov 2010)
Luke, Walter L. Liefeld and David W. Pao (vol.10, Mar 2007)
John, Robert Mounce (vol.10, Mar 2007)
Acts, Richard N. Longenecker (vol.10, Mar 2007)
Romans, Everett F. Harrison & Donald A. Hagner (vol.11, Oct 2007)
I Corinthians, Verlyn Verbrugge (vol.11, Oct 2007)
II Corinthians, Murray J. Harris (vol.11, Oct 2007)
Galatians, Robert Keith Rapa (vol.11, Oct 2007)
Ephesians, William W. Klein (vol.12, July 2006)
Philippians, David Garland (vol.12, July 2006)
Colossians, Todd D. Still (vol.12, July 2006)
Thessalonians, Robert L. Thomas (vol.12, July 2006)
Pastorals, Andreas Köstenberger (vol.12, July 2006)
Philemon, Arthur A. Rupprecht (vol.12, July 2006)
Hebrews, Richard T. France (vol.13, Jan 2006)
James, George H. Guthrie (vol.13, Jan 2006)
1,2 Peter, Jude, J. Daryl Charles (vol.13, Jan 2006)
1,2,3 John, Tom Thatcher (vol.13, Jan 2006)
Revelation, Alan F. Johnson (vol.13, Jan 2006)

The Controllers: A New Hypothesis ..

NICOT/NICNT (New International Commentary on the Old/New Testament):
Exodus, Brent A. Strawn (not until at least 2013)
Deuteronomy (replacement), Bill Arnold (probably not until at least 2013)
Joshua (replacement), Lawson Stone
Judges, Barry Webb (Fall 2010?)
I Samuel, David Toshio Tsumura (Feb/Mar 2007)
II Samuel, David Toshio Tsumura
Kings, Richard Hess
Chronicles, Keith Bodner
Ezra-Nehemiah (replacement), Hannah Harrington
Esther, Robert Hubbard
Psalms, Rolf Jacobsen, Nancy deClaisse-Walford, and Beth LaNeel Tanner
Jeremiah (replacement), Pamela Scalise
Lamentations, Robert Hubbard
Daniel, R. Glenn Wooden
Hosea, J. Andrew Dearman (Aug 2010)
Amos, M. Daniel Carroll R.
Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah (replacement), Thomas Renz
Zechariah, Mark Boda
Haggai, Malachi (replacement), Mignon Jacobs
Matthew, Richard T. France (August 2007)
Mark (replacement), Rikki Watts
John (replacement), J. Ramsay Michaels (Sept 2010)
Acts (replacement), Joel Green
I Corinthians (revision), Gordon Fee
Galatians (replacement), David DeSilva (2010); see
Colossians and Philemon (replacement) Scot McKnight; see
Thessalonians (replacement), Gordon Fee (July 2009)
Hebrews (replacement), Gareth Lee Cockerill; see
James (replacement), Scot McKnight (Dec 2010)
II Peter and Jude, Robert Webb

Articles & Blog Posts by Thomas Lifson

“Dick reached Washington city on the 16th of May, and obtained that very day, an order for the appointment of Lyon as brigadier-general of volunteers; and also persuaded the President, agaisnt the advice of Attorney-General Bates, Judge Gamble, and other influential citizens of St. Louis, to make an order relieving General Harney of the command of the Department of the West,” wrote historian Thomas Lowndes Snead.10 On May 18, 1861, President Lincoln wrote Frank Blair: “We have a good deal of anxiety here about St. Louis. I understand an order has gone from the War Department to you, to be delivered or withheld in your discretion, relieving Gen. Harney from his command. I was not quite satisfied with the order when it was made, though on the whole I thought it best to make it; but since then I have become more doubtful of its propriety. I do not write now to countermand it; but to say I wish you would without it, unless in your judgement the necessity to the contrary is very urgent.”

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings, Warning of Financial …

Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament (PCNT):
Matthew: Charles H. Talbert
Mark: Mary Ann Beavis
Luke: Mikeal C. Parsons
John: Jo-Ann A. Brant
Acts: Mikeal C. Parsons (Nov 2008)
Romans: Frank J. Matera
I Corinthians: Pheme Perkins
II Corinthians: Raymond J. Collins
Galatians: Peter Oakes
Ephesians/Colossians: Charles H. Talbert (Nov 2007)
Philippians/Philemon: Richard T. Cassidy
Thessalonians: Todd D. Still
Pastorals: Christopher R. Hutson
Hebrews: James W. Thompson (Oct 2008)
James: John Painter (bound with Jude)
I Peter: Duane F. Watson (bound with II Peter)
II Peter: Terrance Callan (bound with I Peter)
I-III John: George L. Parsenios
Jude: David A. deSilva (bound with James)
Revelation: Steven J. Friesen

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