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Portable and fixed Ultrasonic Flow Meter deltawaveC-P

The flow rate is measured against the power input and the results indicated that the flow rate correlates to the size of valves and their parameters such as valve spring constant, valve spring preload and valve stroke.

Numerous works are available for louver fin pattern to visualize flow, optimizing geometrical parameters of louvers, comparison study with different extended surfaces.

specifications of the portable ultrasonic flow meter deltawaveC-P

specification of the fixed ultrasonic flow meter deltawaveC-F

This models deal with macroscopic parameters such as speed, flow and density.

deltawaveC-P is the portable type of the clamp on flow meter family. It comes with handsome, accu-powered electropnics, including datalogger, USB-Interface, temperature inputs for energy metering and analogue and digital outputs. With only three different types clamp-on transducers it covers liquid pipe flow applications from 10mm (1/2") to 6.000mm (240"). The ultrasonic trasducers can be used for temperatures up to 160deg C which allows measurements not only of hot water but also thermal oils and other hydro carbons. More deteails can be found

deltawaveC-f is the fixed clamp-on flow meter of systec controls. It uses exactly the same measurement technology as the portable unit and the same unique simple graphical user interface. deltawaveC-F exists in a single and in a dual channel version and in an Eexd-Version for hazardous area applications. More details can be found

There are several types of flow meters used for this purpose

Efficiency measurement at a hydro power plant with deltawaveC-P flowmeter on a fiber reinforced water pipe with 0,5MHz clamp on transducers

This work offers some suggestions to design an ultrasonic flow meter with high accuracy in the future.

For the combined ultrasonic/conductance method investigated in this thesis, the velocity of the gas in the core was found using a novel Ultrasonic Flow Meter (USFM). The positioning and arrangement of the transducers have never been used previously. The flow velocity of the liquid film and the thickness of the film were measured using a novel Conductance Flow Meter (CFM). The CFM measured the liquid film thickness using novel wall conductance probes. By cross correlating the signals from a pair of such probes the film velocity was obtained. Good agreement of the experimental results obtained from the CFM and USFM with results published in the literature was found.

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Introduction of a 2 transducer ultrasonic mass flow meter …

Introduction of a 2 transducer ultrasonic mass flow meter

This study was based on experimental work and the use of modelling techniques. The practical investigation comprised a series of experiments conducted on a purpose built flow loop in which the test section was a Perspex pipe of 50mm ID. The experimental work was limited to two-phase air-water flow. The flow loop was specifically designed to accommodate the different instruments and subsystems designed in this investigation including bespoke flow meters and a film extraction system. Most flow loop controls were automated using a MATLAB program. Reference measurement of the total water flow rate was made using a calibrated turbine flow meter and of the air flow rate using a calibrated rotameter.

DepositOnce: Ultrasonic flow metering with highly accurate jitter …

An entrainment model was developed, which is required by the ultrasonic/conductance flow metering technique described in this thesis, in which the mass fraction of the liquid flowing as entrained droplets in the core can be determined from the liquid film thickness and velocity measurements. A mathematical model was also developed to describe the properties of the liquid film, such as liquid velocity profile within the film, and the model’s results were found to agree with the experimental results obtained during the project and also with previous work cited in the literature. The complexity of this latter model was reduced by making a number of simplifying assumptions, which are presented and discussed in the thesis, including the assumption that in annular flow there is a dynamic balance liquid entrainment and droplets being deposited back onto the film.

Tecfluid develop an ultrasonic flowmeter with UPC – Tecfluid - Flow …

The combination of the designed CFM and USFM with the bypass tube and the entrainment model offer the opportunity for a ‘wet gas’ flow meter to be developed to measure two and three phase annular flows at relatively low cost and with enhanced accuracy. Such a device would have the advantage that it would by substantially smaller than systems using separators and it could even be retrofitted onto off-shore platforms. The integration of the subsystems developed in this project into a single system capable of giving on-line measurements of annular flow would be a major benefit to the author’s sponsor, Petroleum Development of Oman.

Precision of the time-domain correlation ultrasonic flowmeter

In the international oil and gas industry multiphase annular flow in pipelines and wells is extremely important, but not well understood. This thesis reports the development of an efficient and cheap method for measuring the phase flow rates in two phase annular and annular mist flow, in which the liquid phase is electrically conducting, using ultrasonic and conductance techniques. The method measures changes in the conductance of the liquid film formed during annular flow and uses these to calculate the volumetric and mass flow rates of the liquid film. The gas velocity in the core of the annular flow is measured using an ultrasonic technique. Combined with an entrainment model and the liquid film measurements described above, the ultrasonic technique enables the volumetric flow rate of the gas in the core and the volumetric and mass flow rates of entrained liquid droplets to be measured.

Ultrasonic transit-time meters for liquid

It is demonstrated how the model can be used to give a good estimate of the signal deviation for a given gas-void fraction and size of the secondary phase inclusions.

The presented work is, to the best of the author's knowledge, the only study available in the open literature that discusses simulation of ultrasonic flow meters under multi-phase flow conditions and its comparison to experimental measurements to such extent.

Find Ultrasonic Flowmeter Price related ..

This model, based on a momentum balance for two phase flow, requires insitu gas velocity, liquid wetted wall perimeter and system parameters as inputs to yield the liquid flow rate.

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