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How do I get Vim to highlight matching parenthesis

57. The Church is aware of the lofty aspects of the mystery of marriage between a man and a woman, a mystery seen in the context of the relationship between the person created by God and God the Creator. Therefore, the Church wishes to highlight this original grace, that arises from the relation of the created person and the Creator and is part and parcel of the experience of the marriage covenant, which God intentionally designed to correspond to marriage’s original vocation and to justly putting this vocation into effect. The seriousness of adhering to this divine plan and the courage required to witness to it is especially to be esteemed in these times, when this conception, which touches upon every relationship within the family, is called into question, if not opposed or outrightly dismissed.

Moving on, we get to the last stop in this chain of generators, the actual highlighter. You can view this one as taking two streams as input, on the one hand there is the stream of tokens from the parser, and on the other hand there is the DOM tree as left by the DOM transformer. If everything went correctly, these two should be synchronized. The highlighter can look at the current token, see if the in the DOM tree corresponds to it (has the same text content, and the correct class), and if not it can chop up the DOM nodes to conform to the tokens.

Set vim bracket highlighting colors - Stack Overflow

Set vim bracket highlighting colors

Highlight text inside matching parentheses | Vim Tips …

Figures: Figures should be numbered and cited sequentially in the text. Use figures/photos which are high-quality. Avoid light lettering and shading that will not reproduce well. Complex formulas should be prepared as illustrations. Care must be taken that letters and other symbols do not become so small that they are illegible when the figure is reduced (by 25%). All figures/photos will be printed in black & white unless otherwise noted by author. The author is required to bear the costs for the publication of color figures. An “Author Option” form will be provided upon acceptance for open access, color figures and offprint options. If no color will be used for the final print of the publication, there will be no cost to the author; as long as the figures are in black & white, the publisher will not charge any fees even if there are many figures (more than 10). However, please make sure that if there are more than 2 curves in a figure, you are able to differentiate between the 2 without color.

And as a final example, even if it seems vi is just about cryptic and unreadable commands, we are going to see some of the more visual aspects (actually, they are vim features, rather than vi original ones). One of them: with 'hlsearch' enabled (off by default in vim, but easily enabled with ":set hlsearch"), when you search for a string, all its matches are highlighted on the screen. Say you have the following html code:

How to remove the matching parenthesis highlighting in VI/VIM

(All captures taken from Visual Studio with , my (commercial) vi emulator, and with , my upcoming product, providing the enhanced syntax highlighting)

To jump to a matching opening or closing parenthesis, square bracket or a curly brace: ([])

On this computer, there has been some unusual behavior. After highlighting some text, I press = the first time, the status bar of vim tells gives the message "12 lines filtered" or whatever number of lines I've highlighted.

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Vi syntax highlighting for words followed by a parenthesis

Vi syntax highlighting for words followed by ..

How does one do decent syntax highlighting? A very simple scanning can tell the difference between strings, comments, keywords, and other code. But this time I wanted to actually be able to recognize regular expressions, so that I didn't have any blatant incorrect behaviour anymore.

I'd like to change the highlight-color so that it's ..

As you see, we have the cursor positioned at the start of the call. Now imagine that we want to extract this and assign it to a local variable. The first part is selecting the relevant call, then copying and deleting it to move above, typing the var name, and moving above to type the declaration. In regular editing models, you will play hunt-and-peck with Ctrl-Right and left/right until you get it exactly right. Not with vi or vim. The '%' motion moves from a parenthesis (or similar grouping character) to its matching one - but if you're not positioned at one of these special characters, it will scan character by character to the right, until the first one is found, and then moving to the character matching that one. So, in the above situation, it will move to the right closing parenthesis!

How to have VIM show unclosed parenthesis? - Super User

Should I delete the file? Also, a random vim/xterm question, how the heck do I get color syntax highlighting to work? Many Thanks,
John Kim Ubuntu nubbin.

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