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Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis

The hypothesis predicts regular cessation of weak, unintentionally-emitting communication signals (“leakage signals” of radar, radio, TV, etc.) emanating from all early technological civilizations soon after they develop the ability to use electromagnetic communications technology.

But far more important and relevant to science than determining whether intelligence-guided immunity exists is the determination of whether an extensive degree of universe-guided developmental immunity already exists in our current physics, as the transcension hypothesis claims.

The Transcension Hypothesis: Sufficiently Advanced Civilizations Invariably Leave Our Universe

Welcome to the Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis

The transcension hypothesis is thus a specific variant of the zoo hypothesis.

Many studies have been performed based on the explicit or implied hypothesis that because electrochemical processes are involved in nervous system functioning, there might be an interaction of the electric field with the nervous system.

We establish the most secure links between behavior and physiology when we first understand the separate measurements very well. For example, the relationship between the color-matching functions and photopigment sensitivities are strong because we have extensive quantitative studies, ranging over many measurement conditions, that tell us about each set of measurement conditions on their own. The color-matching experiment stands no matter what the photochemist observers, and the cone photopigment measurements stand no matter what the psychophysicist observes. Because each set of results stands powerfully on its own, we can feel confident that their relationship is a strong case for a connection between the two fields. If we require that the analysis within each discipline stands on its own, then when it comes time to join the two sets of observations we can have greater confidence in the link.

The Transcension Hypothesis, John M. Smart, 2011

By stating his hypothesis clearly and forcefully, Brindley has drawn a great deal of attention to the problem of linking results between the separate disciplines. My purpose in writing this section is to question whether he may have succeeded too well; the emphasis on linking results from behavioral and physiological studies sometimes distracts us from assuring that the experimental logic within each discipline is complete.

Atmospheric homeostasis by and for the biosphere – The Gaia hypothesis.

While there is no definitive evidence of such effects, mounting public fear and activism over hypothesized health risks has caused delays in the licensing and construction of major power transmission facilities, and encouraged the formation of regulatory policy in some countries.

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The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis - …

Hypothesis on interactions of ..

Other studies were based on generalized physiological hypotheses, such as the expectation that electric field exposure, continued over a long period of time, might induce a stress response, alter cardiovascular function, affect immune responses, or alter various biochemical and physiological variables, especially blood chemistry and blood cell populations.

the authors tested the hypothesis ..

In an influential chapter in his book, Brindley (1970) called hypotheses that connect measurements in the two fields {m linking hypotheses}. He took a very conservative view concerning the type of experiments that could be used to reason about physiology from performance. His comments initiated a discussion that continues to this day (Westheimer, 1990; Teller, 1990). Brindley felt that the only truly secure argument connecting physiology and perception is this:

Tutorial 9 Fishers | P Value | Statistical Hypothesis Testing

The relationship between spatial resolution and temporal resolution suggest a hypothesis that we considered in : namely, that spatial and temporal resolution covary because they are both related through the rigid motion of objects. If the most important source of temporal variation in the image is due to motions of the eye or motions of an object, temporal frequency and spatial frequency resolution should covary. At a single velocity, the motion of a low spatial frequency image produces a slower temporal variation than motion of a high spatial frequency image. Hence, in those wavelength bands where only low spatial frequencies are imaged the visual system may not require high temporal frequency resolution.

In this section we review the significance of this hypothesis ..

In the transcension hypothesis, this injunction would include using optical SETI to discover the galactic transcension zone, and define its outward-growing edge.

Jan 18, 2018 · Us-based hypothesis of ..

David Brin, a careful thinker on the Fermi paradox and author of the first broad review the topic (1983) notes that Biker Gangs and other groups on Earth are cheerfully happy to contravene any social standard, and they are a good analogy for why the transcension hypothesis could never hold in every case.

The equivalent-uniform-background hypothesis provides a ..

Consider two likely scenarios for our future in an evo devo universe: failure to transcend, due to an insurmountable resource or other block to progress or self-destruction, sometimes called the Great Filter hypothesis (Hanson 1996), or successful transcension.

Spatial Analysis Final Flashcards | Quizlet

At scales larger than humanity, we can find immunity candidates in the unreasonably life-friendly nature of the universe as a system (Davies 2004), and in Earth’s geophysical systems, as characterized in the Gaia hypothesis (Lovelock and Margulis 1974).

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