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What is multicollinearity, then, and how do you know if you have it?

The latter was marred by a weak mouth, from which poured, with fascinating languor sometimes, torrents of paradox, quaint wit, perverse and startling epigrams, all spoken in a tone which left the listener wondering whether the speaker was really in earnest, or only talking for effect." Another article about Oscar Wilde .

Let’s just take a look at the first variable “anorexic”. It has a Tolerance of .669. What does that mean? It means that if I ran a multiple regression with anorexic as the dependent, and perceptprob and bulimia as the independent vairables, I would get an R-square value of .331. Don’t take my word for it. Let’s try it. Notice that now anorexic is the dependent variable.

Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurial Action: Literature review

African Traditional Family | Hunger For Culture

Wow I learned so much from reading this post & all the comments! What a great community of Mustachians!

It is controversial whether psychopaths are insane according tothe standard set by the M'Naughten rules since it is controversialwhether psychopaths know that their actions are wrong. Motivationalinternalists believe that it is conceptually impossible to believe(and thus to know) that an action is morally wrong and yet becompletely unmotivated to refrain from doing the action. That is, forthe internalist, there is a conceptual connection between believingthat an action is wrong and having a con-attitude toward theaction. The internalist believes that one may be able to knowingly dowhat is wrong because, all things considered, she cares more aboutsomething that is incompatible with refraining from wrongdoing, providedshe is at least somewhat inclined to refrain from doing what she knowsto be wrong. Since psychopaths seem to be completely indifferent towhether their actions are right or wrong, motivational internalistsbelieve that they do not truly believe, or understand, that what theydo is morally wrong. At most, they might believe that their harmfulactions break societal conventions. But it may be one thing to believethat one has broken a societal convention and quite another to believethat one has broken a moral rule. Philosophers who reject theinternalist thesis, i.e., motivational externalists, are more willingto believe that psychopaths know the difference between right andwrong. According to motivational externalists, moral knowledge onlyrequires an intellectual capacity to identify right and wrong, and notthe ability to care about morality. Since psychopaths are notintellectually deficient, motivational externalists do not think thereis any reason to believe that psychopaths cannot tell the differencebetween right and wrong. (For more about how the internalist andexternalist theses relate to the moral responsibility of psychopathssee Brink 1989, 45–50; Duff 1977; Haksar 1965; and Milo1984. See also Rosati 2006. Recently some theorists writing about themoral responsibility of psychopaths have tried to avoid theinternalist/externalist debate. It is beyond the purview of this entryto survey this literature. See Levy 2007, Matravers 2008, Talbert2008.)

Another point: Landlords have more control over their tenants than they realize. One way not to get cheap, crappy tenants is not to own a cheap, crappy house in a cheap, crappy neighborhood. Always interview prospective tenants as though you were interviewing them for a job, because that’s exactly what it is. Never buy a house that you’d be unwilling to live in yourself. It is a great tax-saving exit strategy to serially convert each rental into your personal residence and then sell it off.

Dictionary and Word of the Day.

According to the M'Naughten rules for criminal insanity, a person islegally insane if, due to a disease of the mind at the time of acting,she is unable to know the nature or quality of her action or to knowthat what she is doing is wrong. For instance, a delusionalschizophrenic who believes that her neighbour is a demon is notresponsible for harming her neighbour since she does not understandthat she is harming an innocent person; she believes she is defendingherself from an inhuman malicious agent. Many philosophers believethat the M'Naughten rules give us the conditions for moralresponsibility as well as the conditions for criminal responsibility(see, e.g., Wolf 1987).

“Can you explain multicollinearity statistics?” she asked. Why, yes, yes I can. First of all, as noted in the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity,

Hmmm…..This is a tough one to weigh in on. It seems like you have made your mind about the second rental property. I don’t know if you have your heart SET on that house with the little old lady, but I have heard of another interesting way to buy houses. You can go for a drive in the neighborhood and pick out a few dumpy houses, where it looks like the people who live in them can barely afford to keep it up and pay rent. Then knock on their door and offer them your price. From what I have heard, it sounds like this has over a 50% success rate. This would provide MMM with some good projects in the house, but if you offered them a good deal you will still be coming out ahead even with the total price of the projects inside. Also, if this house or rental property were to have two separate places for renters you can make a great profit every month. For example, detached garage that can turn into another living space, or create a separate entrance for the first and second floors to turn the place into a mini apartment! Score!

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Why the Church is Not Pacifist - Crisis Magazine

The Poe Decoder - A Fissure of Mind

Almost never, if you think about it, is one of Poe's heroes to be seen standing in the light of common day; almost never does a Poe hero breathe the air that others breathe; he requires some kind of envelope to be what he is; he is always either enclosed or on his way to an enclosure. (Wilbur 103)

Christian Elders: Teaching and Ruling

Just what constitutes Usher? Is it simply a family, just Roderick, the house itself, the universe? The possible interpretations are many. Some critics have succumbed to the temptation of ascribing cosmic significance to "Usher," contending that the story is merely a symbolic representation of the theories which Poe eventually penned in . I am one of this view, as the reader may have guessed; and it seems to me that the collapse of a universe or of a psyche points to the same primal impulse. My focused on perversity (the compulsion to psychic emolation) in several of Poe's best known characters. Perversity, the force which Poe attributed to his characters' destruction, is merely the universal tendency of contraction or collapse as it applies to the mind of man. While contraction of the universe involves the Mind of God, perversity constitutes God's imprint upon the contracting human mind; thus, Poe's character Roderick reflects God-consciousness as it collapses into Oneness. After all, the house itself was reflected in the dark tarn where all houses, all minds, all universes must eventually lose individuation.

The Family Photos of Yurie Nagashima | Visual Culture Blog

Further gender=1 comes out to be statistically significant in t test (having p value less than 0.05), another possibility is if pvalue of gender =1 is greater than 0.05 that is not significant then in that case should we remove it? Please suggest what should be done.

Yurie Nagashima, from the Kazoku series, 1993

Hi! For each regression I compute, I am finding a Tolerance below .2 and a VIF above 5 for the same 2 independent variables. However, when I put either of these 2 problem children as the dependent variable, I do not find multicollinearity (i.e., Tolerance above .2 and VIF below 5). What does this mean? Do I not have multicollinearity?

Multicollinearity statistics with SPSS : AnnMaria's Blog

I am greatful to you for this better explanation. May I request you to explain about the condition index ! what it is ,how it is . How to solve the multicollinearity problem . Thanks a lot

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The main issues discussed by philosophers on the topic of evilhave been: Should we use the term ‘evil’ in our moral,political, and legal discourse and thinking, or is evil an out-datedor empty concept which should be abandoned? What is the relationshipbetween evil and other moral concepts such as badness and wrongdoing?What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for evil action?What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for evil character?What is the relationship between evil action and evil character? Whattypes of evil actions and characters can exist? What is the properanalysis of derivative concepts such as evil institution?

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