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Cosmic censorship hypothesis - Wikipedia

August 24, 1999:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this comet up close because this will be the means of My triumph against evil. Many of your scientists know of its coming, but they are keeping it secret to prevent a panic. The only warning, you will receive, will come from amateur astronomers not sworn to secrecy. Even the news networks will not carry this story until it is about to hit the earth. Man will try to alter its path, but what I have intended will not be destroyed. Prepare your souls so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment. You do not know the hour of My triumph, but it is not far off. Now is the time to repent of your sins to the priest in Confession. Even non-Catholics can come to Me through the understanding of My Warning. As you see the events bringing the Antichrist to power, you will know how soon evil will be vanquished. As the Antichrist gains control of the world, he will quickly lose his reign. The evil ones will suffer on earth and then they will be chained in hell. My faithful can look forward to their reward in My coming Era of Peace. Do not be fearful of these cataclysmic days, but rejoice that evil will be removed off the earth.”

The fact that many scientists are so quick to dismiss Nibiru conspiracy theories is concerning. We usually scoff at creationist predictions, while taking scientific hypothesis (however inconclusive) as firm logical foundations of fact. Nevertheless, the idea of an invading dwarf planet (not entirely impossible) seems to provoke even the most intelligent among us, who insist that earth could not be in serious danger based on scientific facts. Nevertheless, in 2011, we have seen disturbing physical evidence that science is not keeping us safe, and that rationality is not preventing unpredictable destruction.

Weak cosmic censorship hypothesis; Western Collegiate Cycling Conference; ..

Name Stars Updated; What is the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis

Cosmic censorship hypothesis topic

The idea of a post apocalyptic world is even appealing to some, the ones who detest the commercialism and the opportunism that creates paradise for the rich and misery for the poor. Psychologists define or necrophobia as the abnormal fear of death, often associated with death anxiety. In the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (“The fear of death and religious attitudes and behavior”, Kahoe, R. D., & Dunn, R. F.), the doctors proposed a link between the fear of death and religious attitudes. The hypothesis is that “fear motivates religious commitment, including the reassurances of an afterlife.” The doctors conducted studies on individuals who had a very firm conviction in their faith (including regular church attendance) and the majority of these subjects reported not being afraid of dying.

Roger Penrose famously suggested that although naked singulartiesare comaptible with general relativity, in physically realisticsituations naked singularities will never form; that is, any processthat results in a singularity will safely deposit that singularitybehind an event horizon. This suggestion, titled the “Cosmic CensorshipHypothesis,” has met with a fair degree of success and popularity;however, it also faces several difficulties.

Naked Singularities and the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis

The majority of scientists and astronomers continue to reject Nibiru as a legitimate scientific belief. In the midst of all the confusion Nibiru has been linked to a number of other doomsday myths and scientific anomalies, such as the dwarf planet Eris, the hypothetical gas planet Tyche, and 2012 paranoia, stemming from the finishing of a great cycle of 13 “b’ak’tuns” according to ancient Mayan civilization.

18.03.2008 · Best Answer: In general relativity, the cosmic censorship hypothesis (CCH) is a conjecture about the nature of singularities in spacetime

On the Discovery Channel a very well known scientist ,sorry I don’t know his name, some Japanese guy was talking about Nibiru. He said that it is massive and it was moving from side to side, left to right then right to left. They are not sure what it is, they think it’s a massive black hole.

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