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Introduction to the state of the art in computing focusing on hardware and its architecture, operating systems, memory management, standard programming language and programmable software environment (PSE); Machine representation of numbers and characters. IEEE Floating point numbers; ASCII characters. Variables and Types; I/O Functions and Formating; Arithmetic Operators; Forming Arithmetic Expressions; Using Variables and Arithmetic Operators and Built-In Library Functions; Operators for Implementing Decision Making; Logical expressions and control; Implementing Loops and Repetitive Processes; Tools for Modular Programming; Data Sharing/Passing Mechanisms; Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Structures Strings; File and Disk I/O Operations; Introduction to selected PSE platform, basic programming, execution and debugging; Iteration using variants of loops; Writing script Files and Creation of User-defined Functions; Flow control statements; Data Structures and Management; Scientific Visualization; Interfacing hardware with PSE; Notions of Parallel Processing.

His writings cover a very broad range includingnew theorems of geometry,methods to construct and convert Egyptian fractions(which were still in wide use),irrational numbers,the Chinese Remainder Theorem,theorems about Pythagorean triplets,and the series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ....

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He was one of the first to articulate the law of energyconservation and may have written on the principle of least action.

and did not deignto [write about his mechanical inventions; instead]he placed his whole ambition in those speculations the beauty and subtlety ofwhich are untainted by any admixture of the common needs of life."Some of Archimedes' greatest writings (including and ) are preserved only on apalimpsest rediscovered in 1906 and mostly deciphered only after 1998.

's summary of thedecimal system has been called "the most important sentenceever written."Even granting this to be an exaggeration, there is no doubtthat the Scientific Revolution owes a huge debt toLeonardo `Fibonacci' Pisano.

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He was a famous scholar and prolific writer,describing evolution of species, stating that the Milky Way wascomposed of stars,and mentioning conservation of mass in his writings on chemistry.

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In mathematics, Oresme observed that the integers wereequinumerous with the odd integers; was first to use fractional(and even irrational) exponents;introduced the symbol for addition;was first to write about general curvature;and, most famously, first to prove the divergence of the harmonic series.

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Although this list is concerned only with mathematics,Newton's greatness is indicated by the huge range of hisphysics: even without his Laws of Motion, Gravitation and Cooling,he'd be famous just for his revolutionary work in optics, wherehe explained diffraction, observedthat white light is a mixture of all the rainbow's colors,noted that purple is created by combining red andblue light and, starting from that observation, was first to conceive of a color hue "wheel."Newton almost anticipated Einstein's mass-energy equivalence,writing "Gross Bodies and Light are convertible into one another...

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(Poisson used this paradoxical result to argue thatthe wave theory was false, but instead the Arago spot,hitherto hardly noticed, was observed experimentally.)Poisson once said "Life is good for only two things,discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics."

Bolzano was an ordained Catholic priest, a religious philosopher,and focused his mathematical attention on fields like metalogic,writing "I prized only ...

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